Concept “Skybench” Technology Looks Like Potential for a Seafarer Shish Kabob

Mike Schuler
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September 18, 2014

Check out this video showing a new concept design for a movable accommodation block for large containerships being developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Hyundai says that the new technology, called “Skybench”, is aimed at increasing cargo capacity by sliding the upper decks of the accommodation block on top of loaded cargo, which could result in an extra 450 TEU capacity in the case of a 19,000 TEU containership and 350 TEU in the case of a 14,000 TEU ship.

According to a report from Container Management, the technology could actually have some safety benefits because in the case of an emergency, i.e. sinking event, the sliding block is detachable and would continue to float if a vessel sunk. But what if there was a fire in those boxes below?

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Illustration of HHI's Skyblock concept via Container Management
Illustration of HHI’s Skyblock concept via Container Management
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