Colombian Navy Divers Discover Cocaine Haul Near Rudder of U.S.-Bound Tanker

Mike Schuler
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February 24, 2015

Prisco Alexandra file photo (c) Williams

The Colombian Navy has seized over 220 pounds of cocaine and apprehended two stowaways from a U.S-bound tanker in Cartagena Bay.

The drugs were discovered by Navy divers inside a secret compartment located near the rudder of the Cyprus-flagged “Prisco Alexander”. Also found inside the compartment were the two stowaways, both Colombian nationals, and plastic bags containing food.

The compartment was discovered by a Navy Diving and Rescue unit from Coast Guard Station Cartegena while carrying out underwater inspections of the vessel. Inside the compartment, the drugs were stashed in black bags containing 102 rectangular packages with 1 kilogram of cocaine each.

The Prisco Alexander was bound for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to the Navy.

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