Collision At Sea – Time Lapse Photography Collection

John Konrad
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April 16, 2009

Maersk Holyhead and Pequot

November 2005 – Two vessels are intending to pass one another during daylight hours, in the calm waters of Lake Maracaibo. They are the LNG LPG carrier M/T Maersk Holyhead and bulk carrier M/V Pequot — large, modern vessels with the latest communications & navigational equipment.

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Norwegian Dream

December 2007 – About 1700 passengers, including Australians, from the cruise ship Norwegian Dream are stranded in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, days after the accident-prone boat collided with a barge.

Norwegian Dream sustained damage to its bow and forward ballast tank when it collided with the barge on Monday, sending five shipping containers and as many as 10 cars into the water.

With a two-metre wide hole above the water line and a crack along the upper deck, the ship’s passengers were stuck on the ship while the Uruguayan navy attempted to clear the channel.

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Tugboat Cahaba & Barge

(Technically an Allision) April, 1979 | the CAHABA, Capt. Jimmy Wilkerson, was dropping 2 of his 4 barges thru the east span of Rooster Bridge- mm 200.(something), with intent of running around thru the lift span and catching them below. Pilot Earl Barnhart was on the tow helping the 2 deckhands take off safety wires, winch wires, etc. Wilkerson under-estimated current, and got too close to the bridge, and for some reason they had taken loose all rigging except the stbd. tow-knee wire. This wire pulled the stbd. tow knee under the bridge, and when it broke, the towknee popped up and hung in the bridge steel. Now he’s stuck, and the current laid the CAHABA onto the bridge, stbd. side to. When the lower port deck went awash, the vessel rolled, went through the span, and came partially back up once it cleared. Capt. Wilkerson remained at the sticks; however, at one point he was straddled the stbd. pilot house door frame, and the port front pilot house window blew out, filling the place with water.

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