Club gCaptain Secret Handshake

Club gCaptain – The Secret Handshake

John Konrad
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March 18, 2016

What we love most about gCaptain are our readers so, if you’re reading this we like you and want to share something with you: this week’s Secret hand shake, just don’t tell anyone…

One hour ago we launched the first edition of Club gCaptain Weekly. If you are a club member check your email. If you missed our inaugural edition then join Club gCaptain or sign up for a 14-day free trial because we don’t want you to miss next week’s mailing.

What is the most valuable resource in the world?

Your time! Because we realize you already have a steep pile of email, an extra email that shows up mid-day on Friday sounds like a scene from Dante’s inner circle of hell, and paying for the privilege of receiving extra email mid-day on Friday sounds preferable only to the zombie apocalypse… here is why social media channels are ablaze with talk and excitement over the Club gCaptain Weekly… which is a weekly newsletter, delivered via email, on Friday and costs $10 a month.

When was the last time you got excited opening an email on Friday?

Our primary goal with Club gCaptain is “Fun”, it is the word we kept coming back to as we discussed the Club at the gCaptain offices. We have become the most read Maritime News site in the world, bringing you all the important news in our industry as it happens. So now it is time to offer something fun and exciting, something to make you excited to open your inbox on Friday. We have a lot of fun bringing you daily news at gCaptain every day, now we want to share some of that behind the scenes fun with you.

We all carry powerful computers in our pockets everyday. At gCaptain our team is OBSESSED with making sure we are using the best Apps to make us more productive at work, and at the same time making sure we have the best games to play with our small amount of down time. We want to share our love of tech with you through the eyes of other maritime professionals, not those of tech sites that don’t know our industry. Because gCaptain sits at the foothills of the Silicon Valley, we are immersed in Tech and feel we have the expertise to share this knowledge with you. Technology that will make you more productive, tech that will help you spend less time working and more time doing the things you love!

Does your work and personal gear put a smile on your face?

We love gadgets, tools and toys… And we are sure most of you do too. Whats great about Club gCaptain is we can share these fun things viewed through the lens of Maritime Professionals. Every week we will bring you new items that will not frustrate or anger you but, instead, make your life more fun.

Other recurring features will connect you to other Maritime Professionals. We will have interviews asking others to share the tools they use on a daily basis. We are constantly evolving and reevaluating how we work and one of the best ways we have found to do this is to see what others like us do. Do they use a standing desk, what kinds of pens and paper do they use, and whats their favorite office chair? We will also give lists, because everyone loves lists. What are the top destinations at ports around the world, whats are mandatory items on your check list the first time you go to sea?

Do you enjoy sifting through google and facebook looking for fascinating articles… Or do you prefer cutting to the chase?

We will close each issue of Club gCaptain with “Interesting Weekend Reads”, a form of Maritime Monday reincarnated. We want to share things that we find interesting, not necessarily maritime news articles, but articles about the world that people like us will find interesting.

Did you know… ?

Did you know gCaptain is run by three Full Time Employees? We use the productivity tips we will talk about in the Club to make sure we can offer you the great reading experience of, while making sure we have time to have fun with our families and all the tools and toys we collect along the way.

What if Siri was Sailor?

Every week we hope that you will provide us feed back, and ask questions that will be answered in following Emails. This is a Club and in our club you can ask anything and we will respond… like Siri but with a real brain and the occasional F bomb to remind you that we aren’t just tech geeks running a website… we are sailors, like you.


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