Chemfleet Tankers Moves to Inmarsat Fleetbroadband

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June 5, 2013

inmarsatChemfleet, one of the largest chemical tanker shipping companies in Turkey, has selected Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband (FB) service to provide critical data and voice communications across 21 of its vessels.  Delivered in conjunction with Inmarsat ‘Silver Service Provider’ Deckhouse, Chemfleet reviewed a range of connectivity options before selecting Inmarsat.

According to Chemfleet’s Operations Manager, BariÅŸ Samur: “Chemfleet has a fleet management software solution called ‘Nozzle’ which enables our office onshore to monitor, in real-time, a broad range of operational information from our vessels.  To realise the value of this investment, we required reliable broadband connectivity, regardless of where in the world our vessels are sailing.  FleetBroadband offered the capacity and reliability we needed, whilst enabling us to keep close control of our costs. Put simply, the alternatives were more expensive and not as effective.”

Chemfleet’s investment in its software solution is designed to drive operational efficiencies across its entire fleet. The ‘Nozzle’ software, developed by Chemfleet, is designed to synchronize a broad range of onboard data sources – along with the company’s Safety Management System – with Chemfleet’s head office in Istanbul.  This includes engine readings, fuel readings and daily vessel reports.  The investment, which is enabled through FleetBroadband connectivity, is improving the management of fleet-wide systems, allows for the tracking of outstanding maintenance and the identification of any defective systems.  ‘Nozzle’ also enables the result of any vessel inspections to be relayed ashore in real-time, facilitating continuous analysis of vessel performance across the fleet, identifying trends and common problems.

In addition to the installation of FB, Deckhouse is providing IT support across all of Chemfleet’s vessels and, through the Inmarsat FB service, can fix a wide range of technical issues remotely without having to schedule maintenance visits to the vessels and without interrupting a tanker’s time-critical schedule.

Goker Sivrikaya, Operation Manager at Inmarsat partner Deckhouse, said: “We recommended FleetBroadband due to three key factors; seamless coverage, 99% service availability and the robustness of the connection, even in rough weather.  All our maritime customers find FleetBroadband, with its compact antenna, easy to install and simple to use.”

Frank Coles, President, Inmarsat Maritime said: “An increasing number of fleet owners and operators are looking to enhance the efficiency of their vessels through the application of new technologies.  As in the case of Chemfleet, the ability to maximise the return on their technology investments is dependent upon the effectiveness of the broadband connection.  FleetBroadband has become the world’s leading service for maritime voice and data broadband because it is simply dependable, seamless and reaches across every ocean.”

As part of the total solution being delivered to Chemfleet, Deckhouse is providing a user friendly mail platform, 24/7 support and the on-going monitoring of vessel communications.  Deckhouse has also delivered a virus protection solution, which regularly updates itself via the new mail system, bringing valuable protection across all the computer systems installed on each vessel.  The Inmarsat Service Provider also distributes a daily newspaper to every Chemfleet vessel via the broadband connection.

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