Best Captain’s Quotes – A List By Professional Mariners

Mike Schuler
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June 25, 2009


Every so often a discussion is started on the forum that can truly stand the test of time.  This one in particular has lasted nearly as long as gCaptain itself and has been lost in the archives on multiple occasions only to be brought back to life on the homepage by the most dedicated site searcher.  Without further ado, here is a list of the Best Captain Quotes contributed by gCaptain Forum members.

Don’t turn the ship for any small vessel unless you see the fear of god in the boater’s eye while he’s frantically pulling his outboard’s rip-cord.

When asked the captain why he spends so much time in the office: There comes a time in most men’s careers when they stop being paid for what they do and start getting paid for what they know…. and by asking such a question of your Captain it’s clear to me that if you want a check next month you better go find a chipping hammer.

From a captain to a deck hand: You’re paid from the neck to the deck, I need no opinion from you!

Captain talking to the engineer: This is my f*&%ing boat, your just renting the basment!

The Captain of an Ocean Tug to an AB having just come from supply boats in the Gulf: Son – You’re on a tug now! When we back up to a rig – it means we’re taking the motherf….r with us!

Cadet, whenever you see an aircraft carrier on the horizon just think of the theme song from Jaws and act accordingly.

When the draft of the vessel exceeds the depth of the water, you are aground!

Old Master to a young mate: I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong.

I’m hitting the rack. Call anytime just remember… if you need me I don’t need you!
So what’s your best Captain quote?  Let us know in the comments or keep adding to the thread on the forum.

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