Canal Facts, History & Photos – 5 Historic Canals

Tim Konrad
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April 9, 2011

Mariners have been using man made canals since the time of Mesopotamia. Here is a look at five famous and historic canals from around the world.

Panama Canal- Panama

  • The Canal was begun in 1904 and finished in 1914.
  • Total Length: 77 km (48 mi)
  • Connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Cost: $375 million

Erie Canal – New York

  • The Canal was begun in 1817  and finished in 1825.
  • Total Length: 584 km (363 miles)
  • Connects Albany to Buffalo, New York.
  • Cost: $7 million

Suez Canal – Egypt

  • The Canal was begun on April 25, 1859 and was opened on Nov. 17, 1869
  • Total Length: 193.30 km (120.11 mi)
  • Connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
  • Cost: 560 million francs

Royal Canal – Ireland

  • The Canal was begun in 1790 and was opened in 1817.
  • Total Length: 145 km (90 mi)
  • Connects Dublin to the River Shannon at Cloondara.
  • Cost: £1,421,954

Grand Canal – China

  • The Canal was started during the 5th century
  • Total Length: 1,776 km (1,103 miles)
  • Connects Beijing to Hangzhou, China.
  • Cost: N/A

Panama Canal- Photos, Video, Maps

Panama Canal Timelapse – HD

Ship passing through the Panama Canal.

Image of Lock system on Panama Canal

Panama Canal from Space

Erie Canal – Photos, Songs, Maps,

The Erie Canal Song

Photo of a Erie Canal Lock

Map of the Erie Canal

Old Painting of the the Erie Canal

Suez Canal – Photos, Maps, Video

Video of the history of the Suez Canal

Map of the Suez Canal

Photo of ships on the Suez Canal

Old photo of the Suez Canal

Royal Canal- Photos, Map, Video

Liam Clancy – The Banks of the Royal Canal

Map of the Royal Canal

Photo of the Royal Canal

Image of Lock No. 22 on the Royal Canal

Grand Canal (China) – Photos, Video, Map

Video about the Grand Canal in China

Map of the Gran Canal of China

Grand Canal – China

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