Canada’s “Navy”

Rob Almeida
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December 15, 2010

Canada’s senate passed a motion today that brings it one step closer to changing the name of it’s “navy” from Maritime Command to Royal Canadian Navy, or possibly Canadian Navy as some have suggested.

In a poll last week by gCaptain, 82 percent of voters preferred Royal Canadian Navy, 13 percent for Canadian Navy, and 5 percent thought that Canada should keep the name Maritime Command.
Don Walsh, a retired US Navy Captain and submariner, commented recently by saying, “[It’s about] tradition. Navies build it and it is something not disposed of lightly. The Royal Canadian Navy was a respected military organization with a great tradition won by professionalism, heroism and hard work. It was sad for me to see the loss of this great heritage many years ago when the armed forces were ‘blended’ together….My navy has always guarded and enhanced our traditions, especially in the Submarine Force. So I think the proposed name ‘restoration’ will be very important to the men and women serving in the Maritime Command. I realize the Command is manned by very dedicated professionals and i am not being critical of them. I just think they should be given a proper name for their organization. A name with a glorious history: The Royal Canadian Navy. “


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