Buy A Rivet – Save A Ship

John Konrad
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December 12, 2007

Buy A Rivet - Save a Ship

In a move similar to the amazingly successful Million Dollar Homepage the Manxman Steamship Company has started selling rivets. The idea – sell 100,000 rivets which will be used to resort the passenger steamer Manxman. The rest of the money will be provided by the Liverpool City Council in a matching fund campaign. A little about the ship:

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited was founded inSteamship Manxman - Before and Proposed Douglas in 1830, and has since been the Island’s main provider of passenger and freight services; linking the major ports of the northern Irish sea.

She was the final vessel in a series of 8 similar ships. From delivery of the first vessel to the withdrawal of the Manxman, ships of the class operated to the Isle of Man for 46 years.Manxman was ordered in March 1953 as Yard Number 1259, and launched from Cammell Laird’s on the 8th February 1955. Trials took place on the Clyde when she reached a speed of 21.95 knots. Her maiden voyage was from Douglas to Liverpool on the 21st May of that year. Manxman served until the end of the 1982

Why donate to the cause? Well it’s only £1 ($2.03) but also because you will love their mission statement:

“…I want the child to go aboard….and be able to stand by the wheel….and imagine her at sea. That is why, to me, preserved historic ships, if they are exhibited with imagination, are the cathedrals of the sea..…” .

In addition to restoring the ship, the Manxman Steamship Company, a non-profit, will establish a commercially viable visitor center and maritime heritage experience based on the classic steamer.

This is a great cause so head over to their site and DONATE.
(thanks to The Shipping Times for the link)


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