British Columbia Green Lights LNG Export Facility in Kitimat

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January 11, 2016

Illustration credit: LNG Canada

The British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) has given approval to LNG Canada’s proposed LNG export facility, which will be located on 350-400 hectares of land in .

LNG Canada is the first project in British Columbia to receive an LNG Facility Permit, which specifies the requirements the project must comply, focusing on public and environmental safety. This is an important certification required for the construction and operation of the project.

The proposed LNG export facility in Kitimat will initially consist of two LNG processing units, each with the capacity to produce 6.5 million tonnes per annum of LNG annually. In the future, the facility can be expanded to four processing units.

The facility will include a natural gas receiving and LNG production facility; a marine terminal with the capacity to hold two LNG carriers between 140,000 and 265,000 cubic meters; a tugboat dock; LNG loading lines; a material offloading facility; and supporting infrastructure and facilities that include power supply, water supply, and handling and waste collection and treatment, according to the project’s website.

Illustration credit: LNG Canada

“The OGC identified several conditions that must be met by LNG Canada to design, construct and operate the project. We have reviewed these conditions and are confident that we will meet these conditions as they are aligned with LNG Canada’s core safety values and commitment to protect the environment, the community and our workers,” LNG Canada CEO Andy Calitz said in a statement.

LNG Canada is building an emergency response framework for the proposed project by working closely with local emergency response organizations and safety experts.

“Safety is our first priority. Safety as it relates to people and the environment is embedded into the design and planning of our proposed facility, and will carry into the construction and operation phases of our project should the project go ahead,” Calitz added.

The proposed project will offer social and economic benefits locally in Kitimat and throughout the province, according to LNG Canada. The direct employment opportunities include up to 7,500 jobs expected during the height of construction and 300-450 full-time permanent jobs once the first phase of the project moves into operations. The project will also create indirect jobs and procurement opportunities for local businesses.

Since 2012, LNG Canada has given more than $1 million for community initiatives, such as emergency services, trades scholarships and community services. In addition, the company has paid more than $1.5 million in programs to build awareness and help provide training for trade careers in all industries, and particularly the emerging LNG industry.

LNG Canada is a joint venture among Shell Canada Energy, and affiliates of PetroChina, Korea Gas Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation. Shell holds a 50% stake in the project.

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