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“Blue Power” Platform Supply Vessel Delivered by Ulstein Verft

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March 6, 2013

Blue Power, image (c) Ulstein

Ulstein Verft delivered Blue Power today, the third of six medium-sized Ulstein PX121 platform supply vessels (PSV) to Blue Ship Invest, a wholly-owned company within the Ulstein Group.  This vessel will be technically and commercially managed by Atlantic Offshore.

‘Given the very positive feedback on vessel performance of ‘Blue Fighter’ and ‘Blue Prosper’, we are full of expectations for ‘Blue Power’,” says Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein Group and Managing Director of Ulstein Shipping.

Efficiency and flexibility have been the focus in the development of the PX121 design. With optimised tank capacities and flexible and segregated tank arrangements, the multifunctional vessel is suitable for many types of supply contracts. The ship is adapted to the requirements for longer and deeper boreholes and activities further from shore. In addition to tanks for oil, water and drilling fluids, the vessel has four stainless steel tanks for flammable liquids.

The vessel’s X-BOW® hull line design is particularly advantageous for this type of vessel. The X-BOW offers efficiency over a wide draught range, which is important for PSVs as they frequently operate with varying loads. Moreover, the X-BOW has unique, beneficial qualities in terms of motion and propulsion efficiency in heavy seas. Both the hull and choice of propulsion system make the vessel particularly suited for North Sea and North Atlantic conditions. The vessel is equipped with a dynamic positioning system IMO class II.

The ship has a length of 83.4 metres and a beam of 18 metres. It has a cargo deck of 850 square metres and a load capacity of 4200 tonnes (dwt). The ship meets the requirements of DNV’s Clean Design notation and is prepared for fire-fighting class Fi-Fi II. It has a maximum speed of circa 16 knots and modern accommodation for 24 persons.

Ulstein Power & Control has delivered the electrical systems on board, including power distribution and electrical propulsion system, the information and communication system ULSTEIN COM®, modular consoles and integrated navigation systems and the integrated automation system ULSTEIN IAS®.

The remaining three vessels will be delivered later this year and all six vessels are for sale.

Vessel Particulars

Main dimensions

  • Length over all approx. 83.4 m
  • Length between p.p. 76.5 m
  • Breadth moulded 18.0 m
  • Depth to main deck 8.0 m
  • Max. draught 6.7 m
  • Design draught 6.0 m

Machinery and Propulsion

  • Diesel electric power and propulsion plant 690V – 60Hz:
  • Two main generator engines, each of MCR 2350 kW (2250 ekW / 2500 kVA) at 1800 rpm
  • Two main generator engines, each of MCR 994 kW (940 ekW / 1044 kVA) at 1800 rpm
  • Electric propulsion motors, frequency converter controlled, each 0-2200 ekW, 0-1200 rpm
  • Two main azimuth pulling propellers, fixed pitch, each 2200 kW, dia. 2800 mm, speed 0-210 rpm
  • Emergency generator, 200 ekW – 250 kVA, 1800 rpm

Tank Capacities

  • Fuel oil (MDO) 1474 m3
  • Fresh water 1033 m3
  • Ballast water / Drill water 1676 m3
  • Liquid mud (sp. gr.2,8 t/m3) 1307 m3
  • Brine (sp. gr. 2,5 t/m3) 1307 m3
  • Cement (4 tanks) 254 m3
  • LFL* (4 tanks) 153 m3
  • Base oil 259 m3

Vessel Capacities

  • Deadweight at max draught 4234 t
  • Deck load 2285 t
  • Cargo deck area 850 m2
  • Cargo deck aft of frame 35 10 t/m2
  • Cargo deck fwd of frame 35 5 t/m2
  • Gross tonnage, international 3644 GRT
  • Net tonnage, international 1304 NRT
  • Max speed (at T= 4,65 m) 16.2 knots

Classification / Flag
DNV 1A1, Offshore Service Vessel Supply, SF, E0, DYNPOS-AUTR,CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(3), COMF-C(3), LFL*, NAUT-OSV(A), DK(+), HL(+), ICE-C
Flag: NIS


  • Complement with permanent capacity for 24 persons. The accommodation is of high quality and according to ULSTEIN
  • Floating floor on all accommodation decks provides low noise and vibration levels in the accommodation.
  • Two state cabins with day-room and bedroom
  • Eight one-bed cabins
  • Five two-bed cabins
  • Two two-bed cabins w. common day room
  • Sick bay
  • Galley, dry provisions, cooler, and freezer room
  • Mess (19 seats), day room, smokers’ day room
  • Deck pantry, wardrobe, laundry, gym
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