Best of Maritime 2009

John Konrad
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January 1, 2010

2009 seemed like quick year. Here at gCaptain we launched the Jobs board, welcomed thousands of new forum members and launched our very own iPhone app. But we were not alone this year… here is some of the best of 2009:

Best New Voyage

Since the time of exploration, seafarers have dreamed of an Arctic shortcut that would allow them access to direct trade between Asia and Europe. This year German ships are poised to complete that transit for the first time, aided by the retreat of Arctic ice that scientists have linked to global warming. Read More…

Best News Stories

While the story of Somali Pirates is now a few years old, 2009 brought a new level of excitement with the first hijacking of a US Flagged ship in decades. We sure hope the story line ends soon but, regardless of the outcome, the Maersk Alabama made for some big headlines.

Just a few years after the Hawaii Superferry began providing passengers with quick service between Oʻahu and Maui, the company was forced to close its doors following a supreme court ruling in March that a state law allowing the Superferry to operate without a complete environmental impact statement was unconstitutional.

On February 5th, the guided missile cruiser USS Port Royal ran aground on a reef just south of the Honolulu airport.  No injuries or fuel spill was reported, however the incident resulted in the relieving of Captain John Carroll and other officers, as well as $40 million in damages.

The Navy’s investigation into the incident found a misinterpreted navigation system, a sleep-deprived skipper, faulty equipment and an inexperienced bridge team all led to the grounding.

Best New Maritime Website

Workboat Magazine

Dozens of maritime publishers, suppliers and companies have joined the maritime blogging community this year but one really stands out… the new

Best Television


We laughed, they cried, and a few whales were spared their lives. Love them, or hate them… the crew of Sea Sheapard’s anti-whaling ship Steve Irwin had us glued in our seats. I hear next season even has a special guest star (hint: a mermaid). BTW, this is not the first gCaptain award going out to a TV show this year.

Most Embarrassing Incident

Sink a ship in the South Pacific and it may not even get mentioned in the blogosphere but touch bottom on Bligh Reef, you may not get blog coverage, but the big names in national news will surely notice.

Best Maritime Software

gTrax - AIS Ship and Vessel Tracking For The iPhone and iPod Touch

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist mentioning my favorite maritime iPhone app just one more time. would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2010.  Happy New Year everyone!


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