MARINER WAKE UP CALL – China’s Growning Submarine Fleet

Tim Konrad
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May 13, 2008

Experts attempting to understand the strategic aims behind China’s aggressive military expansion have generally focused on Taiwan. But a new naval base points at Beijing’s significant and growing interest in projecting power into waters far from the Taiwan Strait.

The new underground base for submarines and comfortable facilities that would attract technically proficient soldiers and sailors. Its location will allow China to exert greater dominance over disputed territories of the South China Sea; to place a much larger naval force closer to sea lanes crucial to Asia’s commercial lifeblood; and to exercise influence over the critical Straits of Malacca. (Source: Wall Street JournalNPR Audio)

Australian Torpedo Test

If you think that it is no big deal that China is building submarines at an alarming rate take a look at this video of an Australian Navy torpedo test.

And if you think the US Navy has the ability to protect Merchant Shipping against this kind of attack first ask: can they protect themselves?

If not can they at least protect the US Mainland and that of our allies against China’s new boomers?


The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) sunk HMAS Torrens on June 14th 1999 with a single Mk48 wire guided torpedo fired from the Collins Class submarine Farncomb. Torrens was the last of six Australian ‘River Class’ Type 12 Destroyer-Escort, the others (Derwent, Parramatta, Stuart, Swan and Yarra) having been disposed of previously. Before the sinking Torrens had been thoroughly cleaned of all fuels, oils and potentially environmentally harmful substances. Her gun turret was donated to the South Western City of Albany. Torrens was then towed from Fleet Base West (HMAS Stirling) 90km out to sea, west of Perth. The submarine Farncomb fired the torpedo at the stationary target from a submerged position over the horizon . (Source: BTInternet)

For the science behind the explosion click HERE.


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