Argentine Navy Ship Damaged in Collision With Tanker

Mike Schuler
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June 2, 2016

Damage to the ARA Espora (P-41). Credit:

An Argentine Navy patrol ship has been damaged after dragging anchor and colliding with a tanker in strong winds near the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base in Argentina.

Local media reports that the incident occurred Tuesday night when the fisheries patrol ship ARA Esporta, anchored in the outer harbor of the naval base, began dragging anchor in high winds, eventually colliding with the Marshall Islands-flagged MT Saturn anchored nearby. Both vessels were damaged in the collision.

Photos posted by the website show significant damage to the port side of the patrol boat. Another image taken from what appears to be the bridge of the tanker shows the Navy ship turned broadside off its bow. 

Reports say the ARA Esporta has been taken to drydock for repairs. 

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