Ship Photos of the Day – Incredibly Detailed Sketches of Ships

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July 28, 2015

niall farrell

A few months back we posted the above hand-sketched drawing of a typical offshore scene of by Niall Farrell from Greystones, Ireland. Today, Niall has sent us some new drawings that he made since then.
elbtrader new

Niall says that creating the sketches are a hobby and take him about 5 to 10 hours to complete.

“When I started out I drew them without a ruler and only on small bits of paper, but ever since my friend convinced me to share the first picture I sent in of the Maersk oil rig I have been using a ruler and getting obsessed with detail,” Niall tells us.

scan 31

When asked about the inspiration behind drawings, Niall said:

“I usually don’t copy pictures, that’s why some of the ships in my pictures have no names on them, but the last one I did (second drawing from top) is a real ship. It’s called Elbtrader and it’s coming out of Dublin port with the Poolbeg lighthouse in the background and the port pilot boat Camac in the foreground.


All drawings courtesy Niall Farrell

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