<strong>ABS Wavesight™ and ActZero Alliance Will Deliver Cybersecurity Solutions to Global Fleet</strong>

ABS Wavesight™ and ActZero Alliance Will Deliver Cybersecurity Solutions to Global Fleet

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April 14, 2023

ABS Wavesight™, an ABS-affiliated software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, today announced a new alliance with ActZero©, an award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) service provider, to help safeguard fleets from the growing threat of cyberattacks. Already a leader in digitalization within maritime, ABS Wavesight will enhance its software offering by teaming with ActZero to deliver operators 24/7 ransomware defense and response. 

ActZero will provide proactive, comprehensive, cybersecurity protection to ABS Wavesight clients alongside ABS Wavesight’s industry-leading portfolio of vessel and voyage management tools. The alliance ensures maritime-sector businesses have access to a powerful and affordable cybersecurity service to protect against growing ransomware threats.  

“Offering ABS Wavesight users a cyber solution is not just a natural next step; it’s a necessary one,” said Paul Sells, CEO of ABS Wavesight. “While digitalized ships can offer powerful insights that help operators improve compliance and manage their journeys, connected IT systems come with risks—especially in today’s landscape. ActZero has deep knowledge of that landscape, and its comprehensive services and commitment to keeping up with hackers’ changing techniques will help ensure maritime organizations are aware of any threats to their operations and ready to respond.” 

ActZero leverages defense ingenuity and precision AI detection to continuously test against the latest attack techniques to achieve best-in-class security outcomes. With a proven record of success and a threat-eradication time of just 17 minutes, ActZero provides a fully managed, round-the-clock service with the people, processes and technology required to secure client vessels and onshore facilities. 

“Cyber criminals worldwide have set their sights on disrupting critical infrastructure, and we’ve learned the maritime sector is a prime target,” said Sameer Bhalotra, cofounder and CEO of ActZero. “We’re thrilled to combine ActZero’s proven cybersecurity solution with ABS Wavesight’s new technology and join forces to stop cyberattacks on the world’s most critical maritime businesses.” 

To learn more about ABS Wavesight, visit the company’s website.

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