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Abortion “Ship” Sneaks Through Moroccan Blockade

Rob Almeida
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October 5, 2012

women on waves

Their trick worked.

A press release on Wednesday from the Dutch NGO, Women On Waves, announced that their abortion “ship” would be arriving into the Moroccan port of Smir on Thursday, but in anticipation of an immediate negative response from the Moroccan government, their announcement was a ploy to thrown the authorities off.

The abortion ship was arriving a day early.

A negative response was exactly what they received.  The harbor of Smir was completely closed off by the Moroccan police, however the police were too late as the Women on Waves vessel was already in the harbor.  After sailing around the harbor with their flags, effectively announcing they had slipped through the Moroccan blockade, the aluminum-hulled sailboat was searched, and the captains informed that they had to leave, immediately.

When asked the reason why, no answer was given by the authorities.  Shortly thereafter, the sailboat was escorted out to sea by the Moroccan Navy.

The Dutch NGO reports they plan to stay near Morocco, while strategizing their next move.



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