PHOTOS: 3D Seismic Vessel Gets “Twin Fin” Propulsion Upgrade

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May 23, 2014

In February 2014, the 3D Seismic Vessel ‘Polarcus Naila’ was at Damen Shipyard Group’s ship repair and conversion yard Shipdock Amsterdam for a 6-week propulsion upgrade that included the exchange of two existing azimuth thrusters with the compact “Twin Fin” system. The upgrade, which is described in the video above, was designed by Odense Maritime Technology, Caterpillar Marine and Scandinavian Marine Group.

Included in the upgrade, Damen Marine Components, in cooperation with Caterpillar Marine, provided two Optima nozzles with an inner diameter of 4,545 mm.

Here’s a look at the upgrade, from the fabrication of the nozzles at Damen Marine Components to the project’s completion at Shipdock Amsterdam:




The Optima nozzle is ideal for several types of vessels thanks to the good forward and reverse thrust performance and an extremely strong and stiff profile. It’s suitable for icebreakers, inland ships, tugs, workboats, dredgers and various other vessels that combine relatively high power outputs with heavy sailing conditions.








Delivered in 2010, Polarcus Naila is a 12-streamer 3D/4D Seismic Vessel built to the Ulstein SX124 design. The vessel is amongst the most environmentally sound seismic vessels in the market, with diesel-electric propulsion, high specification catalytic convertors, double hull, and an advanced bilge water cleaning system, and also complies with the stringent DNV Clean Design notation.

Polarcus Naila and her sister ship are the only vessels with thruster units in the Polarcus fleet.

The vessel was the first to be fitted with the Twin Fin concept.



Photos courtesy Damen Shipyards Group

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