+34 45-434 2958 …how do you dial that number??

John Konrad
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May 12, 2010

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You’re looking for a job overseas and you send an email message to a few people you have worked with in the past.

Something like:

callingHello Rodney,

How’s life treating you in Durban? Is Claire still keeping you busy fixing up the boat?

Well the project ends so the job search begins. Attached is my CV if you have any leads.


He writes back:

It’s great to hear from you Jill!

I’ve passed your resume on to Michelle Vantz in Korea. Give her a call: 010-9255-5555


Ok, you have a great lead but how the heck do you dial that number?? Here’s the answer:

iPhoneFor international calls the best website is TimeAndDate.com. They have an international dialing code tool that really works. We tested it with a few different numbers at it works great. Just chooseyour locations, paste in the number and you receive the exact number to dial on your phone. It also gives you a:

  • Breakdown of each code (country, area, city…)
  • The local time in each location.
  • “Find a suitable time to call” time comparison sheet.
  • Time conversion calculator.

This site is great as it contains many other goodies for the world traveler. Looking for..

…the amount of time left before the meeting: International Countdown Timer
…time between two dates: Date Duration Calculator
…time in all the major cities: World Clock Sheet
…need to plan a meeting with London, Tokyo & NY: World Meeting Planner
…daylight saving observance by country: World Daylight Savings Sheet
…PST, WET, ACSD which time zone is that: Time Zone Codes
…If it’s 3 pm in NY, what time is it in Sydney: Time Zone Converter
…If it’s 3 pm in NY, what time is it worldwide: Fixed Time Calculator
…a complete list of tools: World Time and Date Tools.

Can’t find the country code? Try the Reverse Lookup Map. or Google Map it with Phone Number Geolocator


Other Time Links:

Random (but good) phone links:



A must see tool is CallTheFuture.org which allows you to alter Caller Id settings and set personal wake-up calls. Also if you are travel or skiing fanatic check out our sister site UnofficialAndes.com

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