22,000 TEU Container Ship – Fact or Fiction?

Mike Schuler
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January 29, 2009


In reading the WSJ article mentioned yesterday titled “The Mega Containers Invade” we noticed this line: “Meanwhile, a ship capable of fitting 22,000 containers has been designed by South Korea’s STX Shipbuilding Co.”

At first read, I glanced over it without thought.  Then reading it for the second time, I started scratching my head.  A 22,000 TEU ship! Impossible.

Well, apparently not.  STX states in the June 2008 edition of STXnews that they have indeed succeeded in the development of a 22,000 TEU class container ship.  They go on to explain that they have developed both one and two-propeller types with the ability to reach 24 to 26 knots.  The ultra large container ships are 460m in length, 60m wide and 30m high.  Additionally, STX emphasizes the fuel efficiency of these larger ships, saying that they are capable of saving more than 40% on the unit transportation cost compared to the largest container ships of today.  Additionally, the design has been developed taking into account berthing, loading and unloading capabilities at major ports.

We have not heard of a buyer or a delivery date mentioned, nor have we seen any illustrations.  If anyone has further information, please leave it in the comments below.

For the full release from STX, download the PDF HERE.

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