Mærsk McKinney-Møller Triple-E Class Ship, Photo by John Konrad

Mærsk McKinney-Møller Triple-E Class Ship, Photo by John Konrad

Earlier this month gCaptain was invited to DSME, the world’s second largest shipyard, for a behind-the-scenes tour of the world’s largest ship, the mighty Maersk Triple-E.

Maersk has the option to buy 20 of these impressive 400-meter (1,312′), 18,000 TEU vessels, but the first, the M/V Mærsk McKinney-Møller, has already been launched with delivery scheduled for June 28th, 2013.

Until the naming ceremony vessel, Maersk will not comment on those big black letters painted on the bow and stern but we think it’s safe to say that the ship is named for Mærsk McKinney-Møller, son of the Danish shipping magnate Arnold Peter Møller and his Kentucky-born wife Chastine Mc-Kinney. Mærsk Møller became a partner of father’s company in 1940, but soon fled to New York to escape the Nazi occupation of Denmark. That same year he married Emma Marie Neergaard Rasmussen, namesake for the the M/V Emma Maersk, the first of the company’s E-Class of container vessels.

Among Mærsk McKinney-Møller’s many accomplishments include his long tenure on IBM’s board of directors, a knighthood and a long and productive life. In fact, right up to his passing last year at the age of 98, Mærsk McKinney-Møller was often seen walking up the stairs to his office on the 6th floor of Maersk headquarters.

The name seems appropriate for this well built, larger than life, vessel.

UPDATE: Click To Read Part 2 – A Detailed Look At The World’s Biggest Ship

Triple-E Class Shipyard Photos

Video Gallery – Mærsk McKinney-Møller Timelapse Of Construction


Maersk Infographic of Triple-E class vessel

Maersk Infographic of Triple-E class vessel

Artist Rendition of M/V Mærsk McKinney-Møller

Maersk Triple-E

Artist rendition of Maersk Triple-E Class Vessel

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  • fred parle

    Big Ship, big Ideas , Big Plans , Bigger Problems , Biggest Greed . Seas are polluted with Big Ships and in my short career at sea of 57 years have noted and sailed some of the changes , some for the good of worldwide shipping some disastrous . The bigger the idea the bigger the greed as people are squeezed out but always remember that greed or economies of scale are not in my opiniom , the best drivers for the industry, only for making money and shoreside empire building in city offices. In theory that is in practice much of the quality of seagoing is sacrificed for reasons that elude my basic seamans love of the words Oceans . True progress does not mean trampling on a seamans sensibilities in service or retired. We look forward to the bottom line on these lumbering ” Ships ” and admire Maersk A.P.Moeller for these newbuilding boxships but like the “hurler on the ditch says ” ” We shall see ” ? Greed is not beautiful .

    • Eaglos

      Mr. Fred Parle…where were you all that time…? at last someone who talks sense here! I 100% agree with what you say! “Money is the root of all evil” as the ols saying goes.Keep up expressing your awesome thoughts Sir!

    • Charles F. Burns

      One day before the first hostilities in the PG broke out I overheard two American seamen on the ill-fated WTC escalators discussing the possibility of the upcoming sealift…in particular, I heard one say “We’ll just break out the Liberties…”. Yes the ten Liberties that were left rusting in the James River with the 3 ton gear to lift a 67 ton Abrams tank!

      Fred – we all love the sea (thankfully nothing in it ever ate us!) but let’s give “your devils their due”. I miss the 9000 tons “stickboats” too but lets give a hats off to people like MAERSK and MSC who move 40 foot containers around this earth like FEDEX packages.

      Their MASSIVE investments help feed, clothe and supply the world.

      So we can tell our grandsons about the long happy port stays in Barcelona, but we must also tell them how those great running shoes they are wearing got on their feet in 30 days from when they left a manufacturer across the same Pacific you once sailed.

      Besides, you won’t find these newbuildings altering course in the morning to “blow tubes” and leave a layer of black soot on the ocean for miles or discharge oily waste into our beloved sea.

      I think it is called “Progress”. Like it or not, we must step aside. It is better.

      -Charles F. Burns

  • Ruszcz

    ‘shipping magnet Arnold Peter Møller’, really? Please, please work on the spelling.

    • Shipping Magnate, Geneva CH

      Did anyone mention shipping magnates…?

    • Shipping Magnate, Geneva CH

      Well, if you are unemployed I can possibly help you! Just send me a CV with references and if you are good I will hire you in my Empire!

      • sunil kashyap

        looking for better prospect, is there any good job.
        I have experience of 24 year in international freight forwarding /shipping line as operation – documentation manager in india
        my last shipping line job was With Agent of SEALAND Service Inc in India from 1995 till its merger in Maersk, after that i m working with Freight Forwarding Co based in New Delhi India.

      • Shipping Magnate, Geneva CH

        Well Miss Bae I can hire you too then! No need to just sit there and worry!

  • Ricardo Moreno

    Is bigger and faster always better? What about the people who drive such a ship? What will happen if, somehow, sometime, she loses steering or propulsion? Remember the Titanic and the recent Genoa tower accident and think, thimk, think that pride almost always precedes a great fall. Hubris?

    Ricardo Moreno, Master Mariner

  • Charles F. Burns


    Great job on the APM Group in general.

    I am trying to convince the powers that be at MARITIME and SUNY to spend some time with the training group at MAERSK COPENHAGEN to totally revamp the “ongoing education” (GBAT) program at Schuyler.

    Ever since a group of ill-advised grads advised SUNY in 2000 that “there is nothing going on in the maritime industry” our transportation program falls way short of what graduates need to get started in the INTERNATIONAL maritime business.

    Articles like you just wrote on APM will help “show them the light” – thanks for putting a spotlight on what is going on “across the pond”…for the sake of OUR old school – keep it up!

    -Charles F. Burns

    • Eaglos

      have you finished sucking up to Mr. Conrad Mr Burns Sir…? OK now go back and read the Master’s comment (Mr. Moreno’s).
      Regarding you comment…”we can tell our grandsons about the long happy port stays in Barcelona, but we must also tell them how those great running shoes they are wearing got on their feet in 30 days from when they left a manufacturer across the same Pacific you once sailed”. Instead of that you’d better tell your grandsons how many workers were exploited in third world countries in order to produce their “great running shoes”. You damn hypocrites!

  • Damn Yankee

    My condolences to the poor bastards that have to run and maintain a ship that size. Lashing bridges – 3 HIGH and 24 holds!! No Thanks
    Also, why do I keep reading article after article about excess capacity in the container trade and these companies keep building these monster ships? Does anyone study history anymore and remember the tanker building boom of the 70’s? Economies of scale are all well and good, but when is enough, enough?

  • Biswajit Singha

    I am general stwerd., 24 months experience. Have vacancy

    • Alex Bonsalentis

      Have you ever considerered the possibility of embarking on “Σκυλοπνίχτης”…?

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  • sunil kashyap

    Maersk customer service is still out of reach to new customer in india

    • Litsa Miesens…

      So Salvatore is it only penises that are not problematic when big…?

    • Ανώνυμος

      Pardon me…?

  • Lalin

    These Ships are big. before this the company I worked had the biggest ship.CMA CGM Marco Polo a 16 ,500 TEU ship. Now this Tripple E is coming to Tanjung Pelepas on 28 th July and I will get to see her.
    It’s fascinating. Two accommodation and very long tunnel from crew accommodation to the engine room.
    Takes more than 1 hour to lower the gangway and put the nets. Long climb to the deck.
    Believe it gets blown away T very slow speeds when caught up with the wind.
    Amazing. Besides the three largest container carriers in the world are joining together to operate 255 vessels of the largest kind.


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