Not entirely sure what went wrong here, or when/where this film was shot, but hopefully whoever took this video is ok.  

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  • Jerry Gav

    Is this in China or something..? Judging from the sloppiness it must be!

    • Moose

      Probably the Gulf Coast, actually, lots of love for the ole sidelaunch down there.

      • Moose

        On second look, It could be Marinette. The video is grainy but that looks like LCS-1 in the background.

        • Jerry Gav

          Oh OK then! Shouldn’t this metal slide be further into the water though…?

          • Antony

            Gerry, looks like it is the good ole US of A. I am calling you on your garbage: suggesting that just because you think it is sloppiness, you can say it is China.

  • Hubert Desgagnés

    The shipyard is the Marinette’s as we read on the hangar part of the word “Corporation”. The vessel being launched could be NOOA R228 Reuben Lasker on Junbe 16 2012. The media didn’t report any injured cameraman…..

  • Capt. Geest

    Definately Marinette’s yard, the ship in the background is one of the Freedom Class LCS boats. Given the lack of other people in the shot I’d bet this was a remote camera.

    • GOOBER

      That’s defInitely

    • Alexi

      Seemed handheld to me. The camera, shot from around human height, shakes a bit and pans to keep the boat centered throughout. Possible to fake from a fixed camera with editing software. But just before the end, the camera turns almost 90 degrees to the right, seemingly just before the debris would reach it.

  • http://GreatEarthNavigation.Com Captain Robert Scott

    I did not get the video on this on my computer after trying twice.


    Pronounced see-KOO-lee-ack, Research Vessel Sikuliaq, formerly known as the Alaska Region Research Vessel…
    see Facebook page at R/V Sikuliaq.

    The key to faking-out the masses is to stop when you are ahead, and say nothing more. The view from another camera shows that the “wave” is real; but after drenching the onlookers, everyone is still standing.

    • Jerry Gav

      A failure…in the US..? No, no, no failures never happen in the US, you must be dazed and confused my friend!

  • Tim Colton

    This is the second half of the video of the Reuben Lasker launch that’s been a big hit on You-tube and was on NBC’s Today show yesterday: the missing earlier portion shows the bow. What has not been reported is that four people were injured, one seriously, and the ship sustained hull damage. The cause of the accident is not clear: there are several possible reasons.

    This all happened a year ago, so it seems that the cover-up almost worked!

    • Ken Adams

      Cover-up, or just a complete lack of news media interest in the shipbuilding industry?

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