(c) REUTERS/Enrique De La Osa

(c) REUTERS/Enrique De La Osa

A fleet of Russian warships entered the Port of Havana today, including the guided missile cruiser Moskva, pictured above, the destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov and support tankers.

The Moskva is the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

According to the Cuban News Agency, the ships will stop in Havana for provisions before departing for Nicaragua on 7 August.

The 11,490 ton Moskva was built in 1979 at the Kommunara Shipbuilding Plant in Nikolayev, a Ukrainian port on the northern Black Sea. She is powered by 4 gas turbine engines which generate a total of 121,000 horsepower across two shafts.

Moskva carries 16 SS-N-12 Sandbox anti-ship missiles which can deliver a 1000 kg conventional warhead up to 380 nautical miles at Mach 2.5.

(c) Reuters

(c) Reuters

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  • Eric Glaeser

    The real bad boys on the day were the Kirov Class Battle Cruisers!! They were packed with weapons.

    • http://GreatEarthNavigation.com Captain R. Scott

      You read my mind!

    • Robert Schultz

      And cucarachas!

    • Tups

      Even if it fires all 16 anti-ship missiles, it’ll still have 64 long-range surface-to-surface missiles (SA-N-6), a number of short-range SAM (SA-8), one 130 mm main gun, six 6-barreled CIWS cannons, two anti-submarine rocket launchers and ten torpedo tubes. Wouldn’t call it a sitting duck…

  • Graham Smith

    Little did I know, quite a few decades ago, as I steamed a few cables off Russian cargo ships with clearly visible, uncovered, nuclear missiles on their decks,that one day I would read, on gCap, that a Russian FLEET would be DOCKING in Havana. Had your JFK NOT issued, to Castro, the ultimatum that he did, I wonder how this current – totally accepted – ‘news item’would have read?

  • Ricardo Moreno

    What a coincidence! Nicaragua is offering oil exploration rights within Colombian territorial waters. Colombia sent a note of protest and alerted the Colombian navy – all of four NATO type frigates over 25 years old – to stand by and suddenly, out of a clear blue sky, Russia is sending her Black Sea fleet to ‘visit’ Nicaragua. Something is definitely rotten in the kingdoms of Nicaragua and Russia. What will be the next step and who will set the pace?

    Ricardo Moreno, Master Mariner

    • ed

      Wondering how much money we are giving to nicaragua in foreign aid?

  • Tom Summers

    When I see such a good photo as this one by Reuters, I wonder about Havana, and what provisions, beyond beans and rice, might be available. I also wonder about Nicaragua and how cat-and-mouse fleet ops might be played these days. In other words, are our old assets tracking their old assets? And, what are the politics behind this? And, will they be going through the Pan Canal?

  • Capncraigagain

    Their equipment was truly awesome. 40 percent of the time, their equipment was 100 percent operational.

    • Scottled

      Very well played!! And so accurate – I’m a retired US Navy officer, saw this ship and many like her while we were under way in the Lant and the Med. The Russians were almost always moored, cold iron, and the only thing running was rust running down the sides of the ship…’40% of the time 100% operational’ – The good old days indeed!

  • Dave Shirlaw

    Looks impressive but now quite antiquated.

  • Chris W

    Cuba is very close to the US and we are still not very friendly with Cuba.

  • Larry Francis

    Conference canceled between Obama and Putin at Obama’s request, Snowden running his mouth in Moscow and under their protection, us sending troops to Syria who is propped up by the Russians and their only warm water port and a Russian fleet shows up 90 mile south of Florida? My butt is puckering.

    Larry Francis
    US Navy Vietnam Era Veteran

    P.S. Didn’t I kill some of these people in Nam? We killed a lot of soldiers on Ops in the North wearing khaki uniforms with no collars right, at SAM sites and such.

  • Cap’n Nemo

    Great comments. But never underestimate your ‘enemy'; as in Taffy 3 and Firefly’s VS Bismarck.

    … and it’s only necessary to hit “Post Comment” once.

  • http://exterminarcucarachas.blogspot.com/2013/10/fumigar-cucarachas-madrid.html Matar Cucarachas

    Ey Me ha gustado bastante tu articulo asi que pense en dejarte un saludo. He copiado tu rss para no perderme tus articulos. Abrazos desde Mexico

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