mt althea

MT Althea, via MarineTraffic

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports today the captain of the ship MT Althea, a Ukrainian, has been released from pirate captivity.

The captain and the engineer (a Greek citizen) were kidnapped from their product tanker on 16 December 2013.

In a phone call with the ship’s manager today, Piraeus-based Medtankers Management, they note that both crew members were released over the weekend and they are in good health.  No further details were provided however, on the circumstances of their release.

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  • PeterGelezius

    Is anyone serious about putting a stop to this menace? Come on you Admirals with all those medals,these are people in small boats armed with RPGs. If all our expensive toys are helpless,tie them to a pier and man each merchant vessel with a couple of Marines.

  • Captain Bernie

    Agree. They are not “pirates.” They are high-jacking, hostage-taking, life-threatening terrorists, and they should be exterminated like vermin. As they do not respect the laws of the sea, nor other laws, they should not be tolerated. Wipe’em out!

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