2009 file photo of the MV Maersk Alabama

2009 file photo of the MV Maersk Alabama

On 18 February 2014, two American security contractors working for Virginia-based Trident Group were found dead in their cabin on board the containership Maersk Alabama while docked in Port Victoria, Seychelles.

The Seychelles Police report today they have received the toxicologist report into the deaths of these men and note that no trace of any poison was found, effectively ruling out foul play.

The report notes that the heroin found in the cabin where the men were found had a purity level of 44 percent and that the blood sample analysis showed the men had also been consuming alcohol.

“After analyzing the reports from Mauritius, local pathologist has concluded that both Reynolds and Kennedys’ heart failure had been as a result of a combination of heroin and alcohol consumption,” the report added.

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  • jrfitzny

    Weren’t these 2 “Security Contractors” former SEALs? Why no mention in this article?

  • TheRiddler

    No surprise here, many people were postulating this months ago. Except for that one guy who got all incensed that a pair of former SEALs would ever let illicit drugs come within a 500yd radius of themselves.

  • jrfitzny

    TheRiddler  Nice exaggeration. It is interesting that these two men were very experienced and highly trained killers. Referring to them as “security contractors” rather than “Navy SEALs” leaves out an important detail.

  • Michael Escobar

    What responsibility is the captain considered to have here?
    Also, I’m wondering what the life of an onboard contractor is like. They don’t stand regular watches, do they? And without broadband internet onboard… I know I would find it terribly dull, without a regular job to do.

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