Check out this video of a killer whaler surfing the stern wake of this boat off La Paz, Mexico in the Sea of Cortez.

Dolphins are one thing, but have you ever had a pod of Orcas play in your wake?

PS – I think it’s safe to say this lady had the best day ever.

Best day ever!

Best day ever!

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  • Frank Burt

    I don’t think they had much of a choice. It was kinda like being followed home by a pack of overly friendly Pit Bulls. “Hey, Ma!!! Can I keep ‘em?”

  • JoeOvercoat

    So…fast. :o

  • mike

    The Rule is: you may not approach whales etc within 100 yards. However, if they approach you you are not required to move away. Here, the boat was moving away and the Orcas followed. No violation and a super video of unique behavior. Mike

  • Εύαγγελος Βενιζέλος, Αρχηγός ΠΑΣΟΚ

    χαχα, που να δείτε εμένα να πλατσουρίζω με τον Μπάκαλο….τύφλα να χουν οι φάλαινες!

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