The Costa Concordia wreck site sets the backdrop for this quadcopter promotional video just posted to Youtube from a company called Team Black Sheep.

The filmers of this particular video were apparently arrested for their work, since picture taking is banned at the site, but “[Team Black Sheep] does not approve of censorship and therefore will always ignore such rules.” Lucky for us, I guess.

gCaptain Coverage: Costa Concordia Salvage

This isn’t the first amazing footage of a ship shot from a quadcopter either. You can also view some previously posted ship quadcopter videos.

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  • MotherFucker

    Well done Blacksheep! I cannot understand why this is an insult to the lost ones…

    • MotherFucker

      Sorry, I don’t get it. If you don’t mind pls elaborate!

  • Walter Aschiero

    Spectacular video (and music)! Every seafarer’s heart goes out to those who were aboard that fateful night, and to all those who lost their lives in such a needless and easily preventable disaster.

    • агностик


  • агностик

    Costa Concordia was an insurance job. End of.

  • Bill Scandrett

    Great filming. What was that music?

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