Video: Inbound Containership in Port Elizabeth

Latest video from the elusive "Meow Man" shows the MV Ever Develop inbound for Port Elizabeth (Port Newark-Elizabeth), part of the Port of New York and New Jersey, as it heads for the Bayonne Bridge. I'm starting to think that quadcopter GoPro videos of ships could really catch on, and we're hoping they do! We want to see more. … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Polar Class Cargo Ship Uses Drones to Scope Ice

Montreal-based shipping company Fednav claims to have recently become the first shipping company to employ aerial drones for ice reconnaissance on a commercial voyage through the Arctic. On a recent trip, the MV Umiak I, a 31,992 DWT ice-strengthened cargo ship, used a variety of video-equipped UAVs (Unmanned Air Vehicles) to scout ahead of the vessel in the ice-covered … [Read more...]

WATCH: Jumbo Shoots Dramatic Ship Launching from Quadcopter

Not only did Jumbo, the Netherlands-based maritime heavy lift firm, take cool photos from the recent launching of the Jumbo Kinetic from Croatia's Brodosplit shipyard, but they rigged up multiple HD GoPros and hired a quadcopter to fly around the ship and shoot HD video. They just posted this dramatic video showing the angles of a ship-launching that have likely never been … [Read more...]

WATCH: Costa Concordia Shipwreck Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The Costa Concordia wreck site sets the backdrop for this quadcopter promotional video just posted to Youtube from a company called Team Black Sheep. The filmers of this particular video were apparently arrested for their work, since picture taking is banned at the site, but "[Team Black Sheep] does not approve of censorship and therefore will always ignore such rules." … [Read more...]

Ship Video of The Week (Or Year!) – Quadcopter HD GoPro, Seaman Style

Australian marine engineer and videographer Luke Annells is back at it with this new video aboard the MV Pioneer, captured using his “quadcopter” and an HD GoPro camera. This time he is near the Great Barrier Reef on his was Port Mackay (you can watch his first video HERE). While Luke admits that this hobby of his is "just for fun", his footage is easily some of … [Read more...]