WATCH Massive Containership Take 40 Degree Rolls in North Atlantic WATCH

oocl containership oocl Belgium

Last year the Massive 2,992 TEU, 245 meter, containership OOCL Belgium was caught in the middle of the North Atlantic this week experiencing first-hand winter storm "Hercules", a huge low pressure system that forecasters say could be creating waves of over 20 meters tall. Not The Perfect Storm but certainly impressive. In this video, the OOCL Belgium is shown rolling … [Read more...]

Watch: Massive Nuclear Submarine Dry Dock

Uss San Francisco Submarine

Scroll Down For Video On 8 January 2005, the nuclear submarine USS San Francisco collided with an undersea mountain about 364 nautical miles, southeast of Guam while operating at flank speed at a depth of 525 feet.The collision was so serious that the vessel was almost lost and crew accounts detail a desperate struggle for positive buoyancy to surface after the forward … [Read more...]

Watch: New F-35B Fighter Jet Hover Aboard A Ship


Scroll Down For Video Testing began this month on the U.S. Marine Corp's new, highly anticipated, aircraft. At $135 million each the F-35B Lightning II fighter jet is the expensive sibling to vertical take off and landing aircraft like its older brother, the venerable Harrier Jump Jet. Since May 18, Marines and sailors have worked together to conduct Operational Testing … [Read more...]

Ship Photos of the Day – ‘Barracuda’ Law Enforcement Vessel in Heavy Surf Sea Trials


Scroll Down For Video Following up on yesterday's ship photos of the day of Safehaven Marine's Interceptor 48 rescue vessel in heavy surf sea trials, here's a look at the company's new 'Barracuda', a high speed Interceptor designed for military and law enforcement. According to Safehaven Marine, "‘Barracuda’ is a high speed low RCS Interceptor for military and law … [Read more...]

Sketchy Boarding – Will This Truck Make It Onto This Ship?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.04.23 AM

This video was posted Monday to Youtube and has already racked up close to 1 million views. And for good reason - it's so sketchy! So, will the truck be make it on board the ship by driving over two wooden planks? Just watch for the answer:  Well there you have it. Yet there are still so many questions... … [Read more...]