Orcas Hunt Down and Eat Tiger Shark


Caroline Power and Nicholas Bach filmed a remarkable event while on a trip to Chatham Bay, Costa Rica. In the following video, a 7-foot tiger shark is encircled by a pod of killer whales, forced to the surface and then eaten. This is likely the first time such an event has ever been captured on video and is proof that sharks are not at the top of the food chain. … [Read more...]

Jaya Cavalier Conducts ROV Ops off Congo as Gas Flares from Nearby FPU [VIDEO]

jaya cavalier

Video removed. See here http://vimeo.com/104875223 The Jaya Cavalier, an 8,000 horsepower anchor handling tug and supply (AHTS) vessel owned by Jaya Holdings is currently on charter to Total offshore Congo and at work near the Moho-Bilondo floating production unit (FPU). Total is currently conducting extensive development work in the area including Moho Nord which will … [Read more...]

Building an ABB Azipod [TIME LAPSE]

abb azipods finland

Ever had to pull apart one of ABB's Azipods? The following video might look familiar then.  These huge externally-mounted high voltage thrusters provide propulsion power to ships around the world including tankers, cruise ships, offshore vessels, icebreakers, luxury yachts, and many others. Want to know more about this type of propulsion?  Click HERE for more info. … [Read more...]

Shipbuilding in the 1940s – When the Slumbering American Industrial Giant Woke Up

liberty ship robert e. peary

More than 747 vessels were built at the four Richmond Kaiser Shipyards on the west coast of the United States during World War II. These yards sent a new Liberty ship down the ways every 50 days or so using mass assembly line techniques and pre-made parts. During a special competition between the yards, one of the Richmond shipyards constructed the Liberty ship Robert E. … [Read more...]