Visit the Liberty Ship S.S. JOHN W. BROWN


*+-Still looking for something to do this Independence Day weekend? The S. S. JOHN W. BROWN is one of two still operational Liberty ships from World War II and was launched on 7 September 1942 from Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard at Sparrows Point, Maryland.  She will be open for tours at Fells Point in Baltimore as part of Family […]

Lifeboats, Liferafts and the Sunken Ferry M/V SEWOL


*+-On April 16, 2014 the Korean-flagged passenger ferry M/V SEWOL sank resulting in a large loss of life of the passengers. While this story will continue to develop as this disaster is investigated, there are a number of questions that should be included as part of the investigation. In relation to the disaster, these are […]

David Macaulay Does the SS UNITED STATES


*+-David Macaulay is an author and illustrator well known to most all American children. His book UNDERGROUND has to be one of my all-time favorites when I was a kid. Mr. Macaulay next book will feature drawings of the great cruise liner SS UNITED STATES. Here is the press release which notes that he was […]

Cable Penetrations Almost Did In The EMMA MAERSK

emma maersk port said

*+-The EMMA MAERSK suffered a flooding incident in February as it was getting ready to transit the Suez Canal. As reported earlier, water entered the vessel through a damaged stern thruster. The flooding was initially contained in the shaft tunnel, however, the Danish Maritime Authority’s investigation report just released notes that once the pipe tunnel […]



*+-I covered the sinking of the COSTA CONCORDIA back in January and posted some of my initial comments in ‘COSTA CONCORDIA – Fred Fry’s Comments and Questions‘. One of my comments concerned the crew: Concerning the evacuation: First, despite all the complaints of chaos and difficultly in loading and launching the lifeboats, the port side […]

Inside the Amazing Estonian Maritime Museum


*+-This summer I had the opportunity to take a day trip to the wonderful Capital city of Tallinn, Estonia. While I have been to the city many times before, this was the first time that I went inside the Estonian Maritime Museum. And I am glad that I did. The museum has a section dedicated […]

Somali Pirate Short Film – ‘Fishing Without Nets’

Screen grab from the film, 'Fishing Without Nets'

*+-‘Fishing Without Nets’ is an interesting short film on Somali pirates. While it is a fictional story shot in Kenya, you’d probably believe it was a documentary if you weren’t told otherwise. The film was awarded the Grand Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  So enjoy! TEASER DIRECTOR Cutter Hodierne SCREENWRITER Cutter Hodierne, John […]

Mercy Ships: ‘Why Do We Dry Dock?’


*+-Here is a nice video of a recent dry docking of the Mercy Ship’s hospital Ship AFRICA MERCY. [vimeo 47311612 w=500 h=281] Why Do We Dry Dock? from Mercy Ships on Vimeo. I think this is a great organization. Of course they can always use your donation. However, they are also in need of volunteers […]

Draft USMMA Strategic Plan – Open For Comment


*+-A Strategic Plan for the US Merchant Marine Academy has been in the drafting process for the last couple of months. The draft has now been published for the maritime community to comment on: USMMA Invites Comments on the USMMA Draft Strategic Plan (2012-2017) We invite you to review and comment on the draft USMMA […]

COSTA CONCORDIA – Fred Fry’s Comments and Questions

To The Lifeboats

*+-There is lots of guessing out there in the wake of the COSTA CONCORDIA disaster. Here are my thoughts on the matter. The initial accident: First, there is lots of speculation on some sort of electrical failure or explosion which impacted the propulsion of the vessel. I think this speculation is merely the result of […]

Cruiseship COSTA CONCORDIA Sinks


*+-UPDATE: The captain of the cruise ship COSTA CONCORDIA has been arrested by Italian police as an investigation into Friday night’s grounding is launched.  Read: Updated: Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Sinks off Italian Coast [VIDEO, AIS Track] Earlier: Word is out that the cruiseship COSTA CONCORDIA went aground Friday night. But aground doesn’t accurately describe […]

Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged and in Distress


*+-I admit that car racing, whether NASCAR or Formula 1 is a very technical and demanding sport, I mostly watched only to see the wrecks that occurred during a race. Along the same lines, while I am against the Japanese whaling operations, I am not exactly for Sea Shepherd and their antics. but I love […]