Oceanfoil Predicts 20% Fuel Savings With Wingsail Concept

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*+-Oceanfoil, a UK-based aerofoil design company has announced that it has formed partnerships with naval architects Owen Clarke Design and University College London’s Energy Institute (UCL-Energy) to progress developments of their wingsails for auxiliary ship propulsion. The joint project, according to Oceanfoil, will improve the existing design and has the potential to offer a 20% […]

DFDS Installs More Emissions Scrubbers To Comply With New 2015 Regs

dfds seaways crown of scandinavia

*+-Danish Ferry operator DFDS, have announced they have invested a total of DKK 400 million (USD $71 million) in new scrubber technology. The company reported reaching this figure by recently investing DKK 300 million (USD $53 million). This investment will allow them to install eight more ships with scrubbers during 2014 in preparation for the […]

Real-Time NOx Monitoring Helps to Keep Shipowners in Compliance

greenlink systems

*+-GreenLink Systems LLC has developed an on-board nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions monitoring unit (NEMU) designed to comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s NOx Technical Code. The compact NEMU, installed directly on the engine and exhaust, aims to bring the laboratory to the ship. It is sensitive enough to measure to within 0.5 parts per […]

Ballast Water Convention | UK P&I Club Highlights Key Issues

UK P&I Club

*+-In the wake of the forthcoming legislation on ballast water, the UK P&I club has published an updated report highlighting a number of key issues that need to be addressed before the Ballast Water Convention countdown starts. The UK P&I club is one of the largest mutual marine protection and indemnity organisations with over 200 million […]

The Dawn of Hydrogen as a Marine Fuel


*+-In the midst of heightening bunker fuel prices and regulatory pressures around dirty fuel and the resulting combustive emissions, the maritime industry is beginning to explore alternative fuel avenues spanning from relatively risk free solutions such as Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO) to solutions with a higher risk profile, such as hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen Fuel? […]

Stena Bulk Makes $10 Million Gain From Efficient Shipping Strategy

Stena Superior

*+-By Catherine McMillan, Whilst Maersk has famously stated that its efficiency measures were the vital component that have made the difference between profit and loss, other companies in the sector are starting to highlight the savings that they too have implemented. In particular, Stena Bulk has stated that it has saved SEK 65 million (USD […]

Rolls-Royce and B9 Shipping: Reviving the Age of Sail

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*+-Rolls-Royce is working with B9 Shipping to develop a ship with a capacity of 4,500 tonnes that will be primarily powered by a 180-foot sail, with bio-methane engines providing additional power. “We’re at the dawn of a transition,” said Oskar Levander, vice president for innovation at Rolls Royce’s marine unit. The industry has been discussing […]

Port Operators Under Pressure to Reduce Ship Emissions

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*+-Although most emissions attributed to the maritime sector are released across vast expanses of ocean when a ship is navigating the scarcely populated area amidst their journey between A-B, their emissions are most apparent when ships are berthed in port. Dalsøren et al. (2009) estimate that emissions due to ships’ activities in or around ports […]

Greenhouse Gas Legislation Landscape: The EU Makes Its Move

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*+-The European Union (EU) has launched a flurry of activity around maritime greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the last few months in a move that the industry has awaited with baited breath. This week saw the EU unveil a proposal that would create an EU-wide legal framework for collecting and publishing verified annual data on […]

The Rise of a Sustainability Leader: Maersk’s Journey to the Triple-E

Photo by John Konrad

*+-At four-hundred metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high, the Triple-E series of containerships will be the world’s largest, and one of the most efficient, vessels in operation. With exclusive insight offered from Maersk itself, and days to go before the launch, Fathom assesses Maersk’s sustainability culture and the impact it has, and […]

Hull Fouling Control: The Era of Innovation

Micanti hull fouling

*+-In the absence of hull fouling control systems, within six months of active service a vessel could have up to 150 kilograms of marine life per square meter attached to the hull. This obviously has huge fuel efficiency and bunker fuel cost implications. Even minor volumes of fouling can impact fuel efficiency by up to […]