WHITE PAPER: Chevron Marine Lubricants publishes new technical paper – Methanol and Marine Lubricants in a Lower Sulphur, Lower Emissions Future 

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December 18, 2017

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Chevron Marine Lubricants, a leading lubrication solutions provider for alternatively fueled vessels and one of the largest suppliers of marine lubricants in the world, today has released the first in a series of new white papers focusing on innovations and developments impacting the fast-changing shipping industry.

“Methanol and Marine Lubricants in a Lower Sulphur, Lower Emissions Future” explores the use of methanol bunkers, and how Chevron’s Taro® Special cylinder lubricants and DOT.FAST® service play a critical role in the successful operation of M/T Mari Jone and M/T Mari Boyle, two of the world’s first ocean-going methanol dual-fuel ships.

The white paper has been produced in consultation with:

  • Vancouver, Canada-based Methanex Corporation, whose Waterfront Shipping subsidiary are co-owners and charterers of the vessels.
  • Private ship manager and investment group Marinvest Shipping AB, who are also co-owners of the vessels.
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo who produced the ME-LGI methanol dual-fuel two stroke engines for M/T Mari Jone and M/T Mari Boyle.

“The reality of a lower sulphur, lower emissions future for shipping is already here. ECA and IMO 2020 regulations mean that in addition to the shifting use trends of traditional marine fuels, shipowners and operators are increasingly turning to the use of alternative marine fuels to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing legislative and operational landscape,” says Ian Thurloway, Chevron Marine Lubricants Brand and Marketing Manager.
Chevron is a leader in providing complete and reliable lubrication solutions for the all types of alternatively fueled vessels. Its full range of Taro® cylinder lubricants, from the low 25 BN Taro® Special HT LF to the new 140 BN Taro® Special HT Ultra, provide solutions for the complex operating requirements of today, and tomorrow.

Alongside the use of Chevron’s Taro® cylinder lubricants, Chevron’s DOT.FAST® service is used to optimise engine lubrication and manage feedrates. DOT.FAST® provides both onboard and onshore analysis of drip oil giving an accurate measurement of total iron wear, including corrosive wear. Combining both a drip oil analyzer for iron wear and a BN tester, it is the best such service in the market today.

Methanol is just one of a range of exciting alternative fuels that, along with LNG, LPG, and ethane among others, are set to play an increasingly important role in the future of shipping.

As an industry leader with one of the best supply networks in the industry and a full range of products to meet the diverse range of needs of today and tomorrow, Chevron is committed to providing reliable solutions for the marine fuels of the future.

Download the whitepaper, ‘Methanol and Marine Lubricants in a Lower Sulphur, Lower Emissions Future’ by clicking here.


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