WATCH: Quick-Thinking Tug and Barge Crew Extinguish Apartment Fire

Mike Schuler
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July 17, 2013

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In November 2012, a fire broke out in a top-story apartment along a canal in San Rafael, CA. Luckily, the crew of Salt River Construction’s tug Brandy Bar, who were doing dredge work nearby, aren’t the type to stand by and wait for the fire department. Instead, they decided to use the barge to “try to dump buckets of water on it.”  Check it out.

At first the crew tried to use the backhoe to extinguish the blaze, but were unable to reach the flames. The then figured their best bet was to claw their way forward close enough so that the fire hose would reach. Across the canal, Mike Clemmons was able to catch the whole thing on camera.

Turns out the captain of Brandy Bar is a long-time gCaptain forum member, and explains it like this:

I was running the tug, when J.T. couldnt quite reach with the ho we switched off, I took the ho and clawed in while J.T. Manned the hose…

Probably the only apt. Fire ever put out by barge bilge water…

Here’s the long version from the wheelhouse… About 1:42 something pops off, we looked at each other and both shrugged our shoulders.. In for a dime, in for a dollar.

They have since received a plaque for their heroics.

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