WATCH: Lego Stena IceMAX Build Time-Lapse

Mike Schuler
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August 27, 2015

Here’s a time-lapse showing the building of the Lego-version Stena IceMAX drillship at LSME (that’s Lego Shipyard and Marine Engineering). The video is the second from creator Andrew Mcalpine, following his first video showing the construction of the Maersk Triple-E lego kit.

According to Andrew:

The idea for a time-lapse showing the construction came after I saw a version built by Bright-Bricks at Brick2014. As with my previous time-lapse I had the idea to combine my interest in ships & Lego.

The original version of the model was commissioned as a limited edition of 200 to be given out at an oil industry trade show in November 2012.

I have made some slight modifications to my model in order to make it as lifelike as possible.

The real Stena IceMAX was built by Samsung Heavy Industries in 2012.

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