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Vroon Takes Delivery of Three New Vessels

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January 25, 2016

Netherlands-based Vroon said it has taken delivery of VOS Primrose, a KCM-80m platform-supply vessel (PSV).

VOS Primrose, which will be managed by Vroon Offshore Services Singapore, is the third in a series of eight sister vessels ordered by the company. All vessels have an SPS code and are equipped with full supply capabilities including stainless-steel tanks for the carriage of methanol.

Design by Khiam Chuan Marine, the vessel concept provides a free deck space of 720 m2. The vessels provide accommodation and work space for 52 people. Their design has been optimized to ensure favorable motion and sea-keeping ability and efficient fuel consumption.

In other news, Vroon said that it also received two other vessels, VOS Partner and Gloucester Express.

VOS Partner is the third of six PX121-type PSVs under construction in China. The ships features the Ulstein-patented X-BOW design that provides smoother vessel movements in harsher conditions.

With a length of 83.4 metres and a beam of 18 metres, the vessels provide 850 m2 deck space and a load capacity of 4,200 tonnes (dwt). These ships comply with ABS class requirements for dynamic-positioning system Class II (DPS-2) and reduced noise and vibration to satisfy HAB (WB).

The remaining PX121s will be delivered to Vroon later this year and all vessels will operate under the management of Vroon Offshore Services.

Gloucester Express vessel is the fifth in a line of seven livestock carriers being built for Vroon at COSCO Guangdong Shipyard in China. These vessels are “next?generation” livestock carriers, fitted with advanced animal-welfare facilities exceeding Australian (AMSA) regulations.

These ships incorporate an innovative bow design that ensures maximum comfort for cargo and crew, while maintaining high speeds. Optimal pen arrangements allow smooth loading and discharging, while providing all livestock with easy access to water and fodder.

The vessels boast a cargo capacity of approximately 4,600m2, with a cruising range of around 18,000 NM.

Vroon is set to receive the final two vessels, Greyman Express and Gudali Express, later this year.

Writing by Nadeem (c) gCaptain

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