VIDEO: Why Did You Join The Merchant Marine?

John Konrad
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June 19, 2018

In an our editorial last month titled Top 10 Reasons Why The US Merchant Marine Is Failing, I asserted that the US Maritime Administration ignores the media, doesn’t share good news, and fails to advertise in trade publications like gCaptain. The article must have hit a nerve because it received thousands social media views and prompted dozens of emails and even a phone call from the head of MARAD, Rear Admiral Mark Buzby

In the phone call, Admiral Buzby promised to do more public outreach starting with producing videos about the US Merchant Marine, of which the Admiral is a big supporter. The first of these videos, on the lifesaving efforts of the Merchant Marine during last year’s hurricane response, was a flop. In the two weeks since it was posted to MARAD’s Youtube channel it only received less than 50 views. 

Today’s video, however, is excellent. It is short, simple and, by interviewing cadets at all of the state maritime academies plus the federal academy at Kings Point, provides a clear look into the thoughts and motivations of the youngest members of our at sea community.  

Bravo Zulu Admiral Buzby and team. 

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