Video: Big Wave Surfer Jumps Ship, Gets HUGE Air

Editor’s note: The Youtube video previously posted was removed by user. The one above was the original from the guy who jumped, Mark Healey, which he posted to Instagram in December.

This video is an entry in the Wipeout of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. It took place at the famous big wave surf spot known as “Mavericks” near Half Moon Bay, California in December 2014.

Not sure if the guy thought the boat was going to be taken out by the wave or what, but I am sure he got a little more hang time than expected. I also don’t get why these boats need to be so close to the break at these surf spots. Like this next guy:

Or better yet, this one (although this guy is onĀ another level of insanity stupidity):