General Dynamics to Plan Restoration of USS Miami’s Burnt Remains

Mike Schuler
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September 17, 2012

The USS Miami on March 15th as it enters dry dock to begin an engineered overhaul at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. (U.S. Navy photo)

The U.S. Navy said Monday that it has awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat a $94 million contract to begin planning the restoration of the nuclear attack submarine USS Miami that was damaged in an arsonist-set fire.  This initial contract is less than a quarter of the expected $450 million bill that will be paid by the US government once the restoration is complete.

The USS Miami, an American Los Angeles-class “improved” fast attack submarine, caught fire on May 23 while in dry dock for a 20-month engineered overhaul at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine.

A subsequent investigation into the fire revealed that it was allegedly set by Casey James Fury, a 24-year-old civilian worker at the shipyard, who was looking to get out of work early following a fight with his girlfriend. Fury was arrested in July and faces two counts of arson.

The USS Miami suffered damage to its forward compartment in the fire, including crew living, command and control spaces and torpedo room. The nuclear propulsion spaces were physically isolated early during initial firefighting response.

General Dynamics says that the fire-restoration efforts include assessment and analysis, planning and material procurement, fabrication and initial installation, and are expected to be completed by June 2013. The company estimates that approximately 300 Electric Boat employees will be involved in the work, which will be done in coordination with the ongoing engineered overhaul of USS Miami at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery.

The sub is expected to return to service sometime in 2015.

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