ULSTEIN HX122 design. Illustration courtesy Ulstein

Ulstein Introduces High-Capacity Offshore Wind Foundation Installation Vessel Design

Mike Schuler
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September 28, 2022

Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein has unveiled a new design for a high-capacity offshore wind turbine foundation installation vessel.

Clarksons Platou Securities has called foundation installation vessels “the most under-ordered segment in offshore wind” as the size of turbines—and foundations—continues to grow larger.

Building on decades of proven track record in heavy lift vessel design, Ulstein has now introduced the ULSTEIN HX122 design, featuring Ulstein’s patented X-BOW and an ultra-high-capacity crane allowing operators and contractors to efficiently transport and install monopiles or jacket foundations up to 5,000 tons.

“We identified and addressed that issue already some years ago”, says Nick Wessels, Marketing & Sales Manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions BV, referring to significant shortage of foundation installation vessels. “Based on extensive market studies we developed what we believe is the most efficient solution for the industry; the ULSTEIN HX118 design”.

“However, the quick developments in this industry create uncertainty with wind farm developers, where we see for some future projects the preference to install even larger foundations up to 5,000 tons. Hence the need for a larger capacity vessel,” said Wessels.

At 230 meters long and a beam 61.6 meters, the ULSTEIN HX122 features 10,000 square meters of deck area and a massive 8,000 metric ton main crane. The vessel will be capable of accomodating 180 persons.

“Significant R&D effort has been put into the development of our heavy lift vessel portfolio, working closely with industry partners on mission equipment integration, operability performance and lowering CO2 emissions, creating safer and more efficient installation vessels using proven technologies,” said Ko Stroo, Product Manager at Ulstein Design & Solutions BV. “The ULSTEIN HX122 is our latest and largest heavy lift vessel design, allowing contractors to keep pace with the rapid growth of wind turbine foundations.”

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