U.S. Navy Chaplain Fired Over Sex Act Caught on Camera at New Orleans Pub

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April 5, 2018

Navy Capt. Loften Thornton

The U.S. Marines have fired a long-time Navy Chaplain who was caught on video having sex with a woman a New Orleans bar, USA Today reported Wednesday.

On March 20, the Marines fired Navy Capt. Loften Thornton due to “loss of trust and confidence,” a spokesman for Marine Reserve said in a statement to the media. Thornton, a Navy Chaplain since 1992, had been chaplain for Marine Forces Reserve based in New Orleans.

According to media reports, Thornton was captured on video having sex with a woman at a British pub across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. DoD officials are in the process of reviewing the tape, reports said.

The pub is about a five-minute drive from the Marine Reserve base.

The U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps consists of clergy who are commissioned naval officers with the purpose to “promote the spiritual, religious, moral, and personal well-being of the members of the Department of the Navy,” including Marine Corps.


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