Two Killed, One Injured in Crewmember Attack Off Philippines

Mike Schuler
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April 13, 2015

MV Qing May. Photo: Demin

Two Chinese seafarers have died and a third was critically injured after being attacked by another crewmember aboard a bulk carrier.

The exact details of the incident are unclear, but according reports the Philippine Coast Guard was called to provide medical assistance for crewmembers of the MV Qing May, which requested to dock Sunday morning at Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines.

Once aboard the Coast Guard found two crewmembers dead and another injured, allegedly with the murder weapon – believed to be knife or axe – still stuck in his head. The injured crewmember was taken to a local hospital in Zamboanga.

Local media identified the two deceased victims as the vessel’s engineer and cook. The injured was the electrical engineer, reports say.

The incident is being investigated by Philippine authorities.

The Liberian-flagged MV Qing May was sailing from Australia to China when the attack occurred, according to AIS data.

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