Top 10 World’s Busiest Ports

Tim Konrad
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July 31, 2007

There is more than one place in the world claiming to be the “World’s Busiest Port”. The main reason being there is no standardized means of evaluating port performance and traffic. Over the past decade Rotterdam (top in total weight of goods shipped) and Singapore (top in volume of ships handled) have argued for the title but since 2005, the Port of Shanghai has exceeded both to become the worlds busiest with a total of 443 million tons of cargo transported.


World Ports Map

Busiest Ports By Volume
1. Singapore
2. Rotterdam, Netherlands
3. South Louisiana, U.S.A.
4. Shanghai, China
5. Hong Kong, China
6. Houston, U.S.A
7. Chiba, Japan
8. Nagoya, Japan
9. Ulsan, South Korea
10. Kwangyang, South Korea



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