Time-Lapse Video Shows Just How Beautifully Orchestrated Port Operations Really Are

Mike Schuler
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July 10, 2014

Photo courtesy Alex Hallajian

California-based artist Alex Hallajian has spent the last seven months filming 24/7 at the Port of Long Beach to provide an interesting perspective of operations at the United States’ second largest port. What resulted was a two and a half minute short film titled  “The Art of Stevedore” showing just how beautifully orchestrated daily operations really are.

“The concept seems simple: pack consumer goods into containers, float them across the ocean, load them onto trucks and trains, and deliver across the country” explains Hallajian. “The process hasn’t changed in hundreds of years except today we do it with stunning efficiency while maintaining safety and environmental cleanliness.”

Seems simple, right? Check out the video below and see for yourself:

Bonus points for the cold ironing shot. Beginning in 2014 in California, fleets are required to plug into shore power at increasing levels under the California Air Resources Board’s “At-Berth Oceangoing Vessels” regulation. The Port of Long Beach currently has shore power at four berths, including the world’s only shore power-capable tanker facility. Just last month the Port of Long Beach was recognized as the “Best Green Seaport” in the world at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards in China.

You can follow more of Alex’s work at instagram.com/alexhallajian Twitter twitter.com/alexhallajian Facebook facebook.com/hallajian

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