The Whale Hunt – 2008 Web Awards

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April 14, 2008

The Whale Hunt

It’s time to cast your votes for the 2008 webby awards. While we are sad to report gCaptain did not receive a nomination this year we are please to find some other great sites that did.

The image above links to the most innovative and graphically pleasing website of the year “The Whale Hunt“. What is it exactly? Boiled down the site documents the  whaling tradition of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska. What is generating buzz is how photographer Jonathan Harris displays his amazing photos in such a graphically stunning and usable design. Here’s more the information from their FAQ:


Is this a political project?

No. This project has nothing to do with politics. It is about storytelling, and makes no comment on the politics of hunting whales.

What’s the difference between subsistence whaling and commercial whaling?

Subsistence whaling is the hunting of whales by aboriginal groups who have a tradition of whaling. Commercial whaling is the hunting of whales for commerical profit. The International Whaling Commission includes a more detailed definition here.

Do you personally support subsistence whaling?

As stated above, this project is not political. But speaking personally, after spending nine days with an Inupiat Eskimo family in Barrow, Alaska, observing their traditional whale hunt, I support their right to continue whaling, in compliance with scientifically determined annual quotas. Nutritionally, whale meat has allowed the Inupiats to subsist in the Arctic for thousands of years (where farming is impossible due to eleven months of snow covered ground, and where fresh fruit and vegetables are flown in at great expense). Culturally, the whale hunt is equally important to the Inupiats, shaping their sense of honor, purpose, community, and identity.

For gCaptain’s coverage of whaling CLICK HERE then head over to the 2008 webby awards to vote on your favorite maritime related sites. Our top pick? National Geographic for the use of social media in the release of their top shows The Deadliest Catch and America’s Port.

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