The maritime industry is under more pressure than ever. Are your mooring lines up to the task?

Mike McDonald
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May 26, 2020

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Mooring lines with Dyneema® SK78 can provide the solution for organizations looking to ensure their mooring and towing operations are as quick, safe and smooth as possible.

Right now, every industry in the world is experiencing unprecedented pressure and uncertainty.

However, this doesn’t mean today’s high safety standards, mooring guidelines and the challenges of larger vessels simply disappear. In fact, organisations will have to work harder than ever to ensure their mooring and towing operations are as quick, safe and smooth as possible.

That’s why DSM– the inventor and manufacturer of Dyneema® fiber – will run an exclusive webinar for maritime professionals on Tuesday June 2nd, Putting reliability and safety first – a guide to choosing the right mooring solutions. Here we’ll be discussing everything shipping companies need to know about choosing the safest, most reliable and most cost-effective mooring solutions.

Aimed at engineers, operators and procurement officers who work in the Maritime and Offshore industry, DSM Segment Director Jorn Boesten and DSM’s Application Manager Jac Spijkers will be hosting an open and interactive session that will shed light on how companies can make an educated choice on mooring lines.

Join the discussion to learn:

  • The key factors to consider when choosing the right mooring solution, besides meeting rope strength and complying with MEG4
  • How to choose the right fiber for your mooring lines, and
  • How to choose the most sustainable mooring line solution

All this without compromising on the safety of your people, ships or the environment.

You’ll also find out what makes Dyneema® SK78 fiber the strongest, safest, most reliable and cost-effective option for mooring line operations, protecting your people and the environment from day one.

Everything will be covered from how tension fatigue and creep life impacts longevity and value for money, to how abrasion resistance protects your workforce in the long term. We’ll also discuss the importance of temperature performance for industries that use a variety of applications in geographic locations from across the world. And we’ll take a deep look at environmental footprints and how you can reduce your business’s global impact.

We’re running two sessions, so nobody has to miss out.

Register for Session 1: 10:00 AM CET / 04:00 PM UTC
Register for Session 2: 03:00 PM CET / 09:00 AM EST

If you feel you already know enough to make a decision on the best mooring solution for you, you can find your nearest mooring and tow rope supplier here, or alternatively, get in touch with our maritime industry experts.

For more detail on the exceptional performance of Dyneema® SK78, read our technical guide here.

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