Interesting, er, Sailboat of The Week – The sinking sailboat

This is not your typical boater in distress! Love love, the brain child of artist Julien Berthier, is a floating sculpture made from an actual sailboat that has been modified to appear as if it were sinking.  While the boat may not be as efficient as say, an America's cup sailboat (or even an Optimist for that matter), it is fully functional due to an inboard motor and can … [Read more...]

German Water Bridge – Magdeburg Canal Bridge

The Magdeburg Canal Bridge This could be the worlds strangest bridge but here at gCaptain we think it is pretty cool. Germany's water bridge known as the Magdeburge Canal Bridge took six years to build (completed in October of 2003) at a cost of 500 million Euros. The Magdeburg Water Bridge is 918 meters long. It bridges over the Elbe River in Germany and joins the Elbe-Havel … [Read more...]