Launched – Thrane’s New Dual Channel AIS

Thrane & Thrane has expanded its established workboat and fishing vessel VHF radio portfolio with the launch of the new SAILOR 6217 VHF DSC Class D AIS Receiver. The new system brings parallel dual channel VHF receive functionality to the toughest line of VHF DSC Class D radios. The new receiver integrates a two channel parallel AIS Receiver, which enables it to perform a … [Read more...]

The Filipino Monkey Strikes Again (and again and again…)

13 January 2008 - So I'm watching CNN and I do a double take after the reporter (in a completely straight face) says "The harassing radio communications that ignited the Navy's close call with Iranian gunboats may have instead been initiated by a locally known heckler known as 'The Filipino Monkey' " WHAT?! First of all, any seaman, military or commercial, can tell you … [Read more...]

Search Is Over For Tall Ship Alvei

After one long day of a full-press search for the tall ship Alvei, New Zealand Coast Guard's P-3 aircraft crew was able to find the overdue ship. The reason for worry? Expected radio check-ins never happened. tells us; Julia Lang from Maritime New Zealand said authorities would meet The Alvei's crew when they arrived in Opua, in New Zealand in 8-10 days time. They … [Read more...]

Lost in Translation – French Humor

Tim's Times has a conversation that put a big smile on our faces and reminded me of my favorite TV commercial. Here's the story: You have to imagine a heavy French accent and a heavy East European accent replying French VTS- What kind of vessel are you? Tanker- We are oil tanker. French VTS- What kind of ‘ull ‘ave you? (silent h in front of ave and … [Read more...]