Italy Moves to Force Big Cruise Ships to Take Back Route to Venice

ROME, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Gondolas and water taxis will never again have to vie with big cruise ships for space in front of Venice's iconic St. Mark's Square, an Italian governmental committee decided on Tuesday. Venetians and environmentalists have long voiced concerns about floating pleasure palaces sailing close to the fragile city, dwarfing its Gothic and Byzantine … [Read more...]

Italian Government to Ban Large Cruise Ships from Venice Lagoon

ROME (Reuters) - Big cruise ships will be barred from Venice's Saint Mark's lagoon, to protect Italy's floating city from potential damage caused by growing traffic, the government said on Friday. Venetians and environmentalists have long voiced concern about tourist vessels sailing close to the fragile city. Last November, Italy's government started limiting traffic on the … [Read more...]

Italy to Limit Large Cruise Ship Traffic In Venice

ROME, Nov 5 (Reuters) - Italy will immediately begin to limit large cruise ship traffic in the Venice lagoon and the biggest vessels - of more than 96,000 gross tonnes - will be banned from November of next year, the government said on Tuesday. Protests by Venice residents and environmentalists concerned about the damage caused by increasing cruise ship traffic to the … [Read more...]