Powerful Typhoon Kills 20 In Southern China, Swipes Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Sept 23 (Reuters) - A powerful typhoon hit Hong Kong and the southern China coast on Monday, killing at least 20 people on the mainland, crippling power lines and causing flooding and gale force winds. Typhoon Usagi, the strongest storm to hit the Western Pacific this year, began pounding the Asian financial centre late on Sunday. More than 370 flights were … [Read more...]

Typhoon Usagi Blows Dogs Off Chains in the Philippines, Hong Kong is Next

At least two people are dead and thousands are without power in the Philippines after Typhoon Usagi tore through the Luzon Strait on Thursday with wind gusts up to 160 miles per hour.   It's projected path across the South China Sea takes it directly toward Hong Kong for its next landfall, however it seems like the mountains of the Philippine Islands have taken a bit of steam … [Read more...]