VIDEO: Here’s How SMIT Salvage Removed the Grounded TS Taipei in Taiwan

In March 2016, Taiwan was faced with a major environmental disaster after the containership TS Taipei ran aground and split in two near New Taipei City in the northern part of the country, spilling oil that impacted a vast strech of coastline.  To prevent further damage to the environment, SMIT Salvage was hired to remove the vessel in a complex operation that involved … [Read more...]

Taiwan Dealing with Major Oil Spill from Fractured TS Taipei Cargo Ship

Heavy fuel oil that has leaked from a hull fracture in the stranded containership TS Taipei has contaminated approximately 1.24 miles of water in northern Taiwan, local media reports.  According to Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency, onboard remains approximately 240 tonnes fuel oil, 35 tonnes of lube oil, and 30 tonnes of waste and other contaminants, … [Read more...]

Grounded TS Lines Cargo Ship Splits in Two Off Taiwan

A grounded cargo ship has split in two and is leaking fuel oil a little more than two weeks after becoming stranded along the coast in northern Taiwan. The vessel, owned by TS Lines, ran aground in rough weather near New Taipei City, Taiwan on March 10. All 21 crew members were rescued safely from the ship. According to reports more than 100 workers are in the … [Read more...]